At HEROS, sustainability means a continued focus on letting 'nothing' go to waste and recycling this in new products.
We call this 'urban mining'. Discover here how you can benefit from this......


About Heros Ecopark Terneuzen:

HEROS Ecopark Terneuzen

The HEROS Ecopark Terneuzen is located on the 45-hectare site on the Canal from Gent to Terneuzen. A location between the cities and harbours of Vlissingen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, London and Paris.

The central location, the deep waterway and the 500-metre quay ensure excellent links to Belgium, Germany, the north of France and the United Kingdom. Transfer from an ocean-going vessel to an inland waterway vessel (and vice-versa) is immediately available. Just like the temporary storage of bulk materials in open and closed silos.

Production of sustainable energy, fuels and building materials

This industrial site that is based on sustainability facilitates a number of companies, including:

Lijnco Green Energy:
        Operator of the bio-fermentation plant where green gas and green electricity is produced. This plant has a capacity of 10 MW for green electricity.

Electrawinds Green Fuel:
        Produces biodiesel from waste animal fats. This biodiesel plant has a capacity of approximately 250,000 tons.

Heros Sluiskil:
        Annually produces approximately 550,000 tons of mineral building materials and supplies raw materials for the metal industry.
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'Heros Sluiskil' is a partner of
'MVO Nederland'.