At Heros, sustainability means a continuous focus on letting 'nothing' got to waste, and recycling it in new products. We call this 'urban mining'.
'Letting nothing go to waste', doesn't that sound a little bit far-fetched and exaggerated? But you also need to weigh up this requirement against the increasing demand for raw materials. An increasing number of raw materials are required to keep the motor of our economy running (and thus also the production in your company). In the coming years, this will present us with an enormous challenge in terms finding alternative raw materials and sources. Of course, with the same quality and characteristics that your products require.

From this perspective, we are working towards sustainability at Heros. We take this matter seriously and are doing something about it. We are looking for alternative raw materials to replace the (increasing amount of) residual waste symbolized by our prosperity. Urban mining, or the recovery of raw materials from domestic waste and industrial waste, is our answer to the demand for a sustainable future.

Sustainability requirements from the citizens and from the government
The regulations and checks relating to environmental pollution are becoming more comprehensive and strict. The people are demanding transparency and the government is obligated to provide an answer to you as a manufacturer and also to itself via The Hague and Brussels. Your company is thus involved in environmental objectives such as, for example, the reduction of CO2.
This development prompts you to minimize the impact of your organization on the environment. Stricter environmental requirements and the rising costs of primary raw materials, underline the importance of the alternative recovery of raw materials (or urban mining) more than ever.

High sustainable quality
The development of an increasingly refined form of urban mining has resulted in an increasingly higher quality of raw material. The quality of your own products remains guaranteed. The verifiability of the process ensures high continuity in terms of quality and availability. In the meantime, the process has been optimized to such an extent that the newly recovered raw materials can not only be used for road construction, but also for ceramic- and concrete products. A good example of this is granova.

How can you benefit from this?
Raw materials recovered and processed from the residues from our society, also contain valuable ingredients for a sustainable product for your company. We would be more than pleased to discuss this with you personally. Phone us today on +31 (0) 115 471 258 or send an email to for more information. Discover the sustainable added value that you and your company can benefit from.