AEC Bottom Ash

AEC Bottom Ash is a secondary building material. This building material is received as a raw material with waste residues from 'Afval Energie Centrales (AEC)' (Waste to Energy Plants). At 'Heros Sluiskil', this AEC Bottom Ash is processed in order to remove the fractions of Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and unburned material. After processing, different grades are produced. Per year, this amounts to approximately 550,000 tons.

AEC Bottom Ash is an ideal replacement for sand and rubble, and is therefore already widely used for road construction. New developments will expand the range of applications even more!

In the meantime, optimal experiences with 'Heros Sluiskil' have resulted in large-scale use by clients such as:

  • 'Rijkswaterstaat' (National Water Authority)
  • 'Provinciale Waterstaat' (Provincial Water Authority)
  • Project developers
  • Contractors

The Heros specialists can advise you about responsible, environmentally-friendly applications, as well as the civil engineering and economic aspects.