Making the most of waste from energy plants 

Bottom ash is a by-product from waste-to-energy plants. Containing large amounts of minerals as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, it could be a significant source for secondary raw materials. For instance, some metals found in bottom ash are precious and/or listed as critical raw materials. But recycling materials from bottom ash is hampered by hazardous substances and sub-optimal recovery. Reuse of the mineral fraction is also restricted due to contamination with hazardous substances. This LIFE project plans to improve the recovery of heavy nonferrous metals and the quality of the mineral fraction, using a full-scale treatment facility. Its approach will allow the recovery and recycling of materials that would otherwise be lost or recycled for low-quality applications.













Project number: LIFE18 ENV/NL/000436
Project acronym: LIFE ASH 2 MATERIAL
Project title: Integrated full-scale treatment facility for different fractions of bottom ash ensuring safe use as secondary material

Coordinating beneficiary: Heros Sluiskil B.V.

Contact: Mr. Michiel Stokla (M.Stokla@heros.nl)